Dispute Resolution in Construction

Dispute resolution in the construction industry is a common occurrence, and one that can be avoided when you draw up a dispute resolution contract with a third party arbitrator. The services of an arbitrator are simply invaluable for disputes in construction, and at Contact Dispute Resolution, it is our goal to resolve your dispute in the fastest and most pain-free way possible.

Dispute Resolution in ConstructionConstruction disputes can quickly get out of hand when you fail to act quickly and avoid drawing up disputes in construction contracts. Our construction dispute resolution services include the drawing up of legally binding contracts and the use of correct building forms and correct project management. When a construction dispute cannot be resolved between the two parties concerned, a third party litigator, mediator, or arbitrator can be supplied from our team of experts. Court proceedings will only be used when an out of court decision and settlement cannot be met. We aim to cut down the whole timescale of your dispute, and with our extensive construction industry knowledge, our track record of construction dispute resolution is superb.

The process of construction dispute resolution is made far easier when you enlist the services of our professional team. Dispute resolution in the construction industry is an everyday occurrence, and through the use of our construction dispute lawyers and construction dispute litigators and mediators, problems that were weighing you down and preventing your construction or business from moving forward can be quickly resolved.

A dispute in the construction industry may have arisen due to an incorrect build, failure to adhere to correct safety standards, or failure to use the construction method or materials that were previously agreed to in a contract signed between both parties. In short, there are many reasons behind disputes in construction, and we have the solution to all the most common disputes, no matter how small or large your company is. Our portfolio is impressive, and some of our largest success stories are those of the Blackwell tunnel and the O2 Arena.

Dispute in construction industry can lead to the unnecessary halting of a fully functioning construction site, new claims and disputes in the construction industry being logged every working day. With our advice, you can aim to put a stop to a dispute that has arisen before it gets out of hand, our team of dispute resolution in construction contracts professionals finding the most cost-effective way forward and always keeping your priorities and needs at the forefront.