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Free ConsultationCan we help? – we offer a totally free without obligation initial consultation

  • Are you not being paid what you might be due?
  • Do you think you might be entitled to additional monies?
  • Are you being delayed, or is your project or work taking longer than it should have done?
  • Have you employed a contractor who has not performed?
  • Do you have retention monies outstanding for more than a year?
  • Have you got some ageing accounts which you have not managed to resolve yet?
  • Have you been issued with some contract documents which look unfair or onerous?

Please give us a call or email us to talk through your problems. We can help over the phone or email without charge or obligation to you, or we can arrange a meeting at your offices or ours to discuss your problem in more detail.

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Housing – we have extensive experience of housing developments, claims and disputes, all of which produced more money for our clients

We have never failed to agree a fee in advance with a client, and we have never had a a dispute on any fee we have charged. We are extremely proud of this record and work hard to maintain it.

The vast bulk of our clients have been known to us for many years or have been recommended, which we hope speaks volumes about the service provided.

If you are coming to visit our office, you may find our Directions page useful.

If you have no problems at the moment but think keeping our details might be useful, perhaps you would like a free pen with our contact details on it – just email us your details.