Construction Arbitration

Construction ArbitrationContract Dispute Resolution offers a construction arbitration service that will save both time and money in helping to resolve construction disputes in the most efficient manner possible. Arbitration can be a lengthy and very costly exercise, with the wrong advice, and therefore choosing the correct representation for your construction related arbitration is vital at the outset. At CDR we drive for settlement at every opportunity, not concerned about racking up fees and sitting on a job to make fees, all we want is a fair and reasonable resolution for our client, in the most cost-effective manner.

Construction arbitration traditionally offers a cost-effective solution to construction disputes than litigation, and is usually quicker and often more effective than going through a lengthy litigation process that can easily build up enormous legal fees. Arbitration is also a very flexible process, with the parties and the arbitrator agreeing the timetable and procedure that best suits the facts of each individual dispute. This helps to save time and costs by focussing on the areas in dispute which need the most attention.

As a long established firm of construction arbitrators CDR has extensive inside knowledge of the construction industry and wide ranging legal expertise to ensure that your dispute is settled effectively and with the minimum exposure to costs and delays. Arbitration in construction disputes remains popular with some users, as it offers the parties the opportunity to recover their costs in the event of success, which adjudication usually does not.

Our knowledge of the construction industry and our track record of excellence on large, medium and small scale disputes make us leading experts in construction arbitration.

We carefully and forensically assemble, analyse, and present the factual evidence necessary to assist the Arbitrator to arrive at the correct Arbitration Award, which will not only be fully legally binding, but should also secure some costs protection for our Client, whether defending or pursuing the case.

Simon Lee of CDR has extensive experience in construction arbitrations dating back to pre-adjudication days, when arbitration was the default construction dispute resolution process. We can advise from the outset on your chances of success, and give an estimate of what it is likely to cost you, and what procedure should be adopted. We can help you decide whether to pursue your construction dispute through arbitrations, adjudication, litigation, or mediation, and of course, offer a free initial without obligation consultation, over the phone, by email, or face to face.