Construction Dispute Resolution

Construction Dispute ResolutionNo-one chooses to be involved in a construction dispute, but unfortunately construction disputes arise on a regular basis, leaving the parties at the risk of lengthy and costly procedures which can sap internal resources as well as fees. CDR’s core business is to seek to resolve construction disputes to the satisfaction of our clients, for the minimum time, costs and fuss. However, in some cases, the parties, the facts, or the circumstances mean that an amicable resolution is not always possible, and a third party procedure is needed, such as mediation or adjudication.

The thought of entering into a formal construction dispute resolution process such as arbitration, litigation or adjudication may be daunting to some, but a highly trained and experienced professional who has been there and done it all before, will guide you through the process and limit the surprises along the way. We have worked on many notable disputes around the UK, and have been involved in some of the largest construction projects of recent times, including the Olympic villages at Stratford and Portland, Edinburgh, Exeter and Hull city centre regeneration projects, the Clyde Tunnel, Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium, Wembley and Twickenham stadiums.

We have a wide range of experience covering all the major forms of construction contracts including the JCT family of forms, the NEC / ECC suite, the ICE forms, FIDIC, and bespoke documents.

We have specialist skills and experience in presenting detailed and, where needed, sizeable documentation, so that the other party to the dispute, and the tribunal, are left in no doubt as to where the case lies, and how the facts relate to the arguments. We will work with you to gather all the necessary evidence and present it at its best, to make your case easily solid and understandable.

Our construction dispute resolution services include the drafting of claims, legal submissions, statements, the taking of witness statements, case conduct and advocacy. Our goal is to resolve construction dispute in the quickest and most inexpensive manner.