Building Claims

building claimsClaims within the building industry can often relate to defects or delays, and mostly end up becoming an argument over money, including any payment for defects or delays.

Building claims services and construction claims services are a niche specialism between quantity surveyors who know something about claims, and lawyers who know something about construction.

Contract Dispute resolution Limited, CDR, are specialists in that niche, blending wide experience of building matters, building projects and claims and disputes, with specialist legal knowledge grounded in more than 22 years’ experience.

Construction claims arising from defects can require a quick response, to view the defect in situ and make sure the proper records and notices are put in place at the correct time, to help sort the problem with the minimum delay and cost.

Building claims arising from delays known as construction delay claims often require more forensic delay analysis of where the delay was incurred, how it was incurred, and what activities and trades it effects, and what can be done to work round the delay. CDR has specialist programming knowledge and experience to help sort the problem on the ground as a live issue, and to use those records and the specialist delay analysis required to resolve any delay and disruption disputes after completion of the works on site.  

Buildings claims services offered by Contract Dispute Resolution Limited, CDR, are tailored individually to suit the needs of the problem the needs of the client to arrive at the most cost effective solution to the claim / dispute.

CDR has specialist knowledge in compiling building claims, drafting claims and preparing detailed building claim documents for the parties to present, discuss and negotiate, without the need for more formal and expensive dispute resolution procedures.