Dispute Avoidance and Resolution

Dispute Avoidance and Resolution

You just cannot tear up the Contract you agreed
– we can advise you when you might just be able to, and when you are simply stuck with it

If all else fails, we can help you find the quickest and most cost effective way forward.

No-one likes adjudication or arbitration, but it is sometimes necessary.

We can ease the pain of these processes, by conducting them on your behalf with the twin goals of quality of advice and service, and cost-effectiveness.

We can pick up the case from the outset, putting together the legal and factual basis, and evidencing the financial results, and present them in the most advantageous way to suit your requirements.

We then conduct the procedure on your behalf, right up to enforcement proceedings, and settling costs.

We draft the pleadings and statements of case, take witness statements, produce and assist with expert reports, if necessary, and provide all the required advocacy and correspondence.