Contract Dispute Resolution

Contract Dispute ResolutionSimon Lee of CDR has many years of experience in a wide variety of commercial contract disputes, serving both businesses and individuals right across the UK. From house extensions to multi-million pound building projects, Simon Lee has experience of all sectors and all sizes.

Businesses and industries covered include construction, professional services, rail, NHS trusts, shipping, computing and IT, and supply and manufacturing.

Contract disputes are unfortunately inevitable on some occasions, and Contract Dispute resolution offers specialist contract advice to resolve and avoid contractual disputes. Effectively, a contract dispute can be resolved in one of three ways:

  • By carefully and correct drafting of the contract in the first place so as to avoid disputes
  • By effective and competent commercial and legal management of the contract as it progresses on a day to day basis
  • And if all else fails, in the event of a contract dispute, by managing the contract dispute procedure efficiently so as to resolve the contract dispute in the minimum time and expenditure in terms of fees and resources.

Contract Dispute Resolution’s many years of experience in the commercial world means it can apply its specialist services to resolving contract disputes in the most effective and efficient manner.

CDR can offer services tailored to suit every clients’ needs, and every different type of commercial contract dispute, so as to resolve disputes in commercial contracts through structured negotiation, commercial mediation, conciliation, statutory or contractual adjudication or commercial arbitration.