How We Can Help

How We Can HelpContract Advice and Legal Support

Just need an expert eye cast over something – a letter, a variation, a defect?

Getting Paid

Unfortunately not paying someone for work they have done is very easily done. We have seen all the excuses, and can help cut through the delays to get you your money quickly.

Commercial Management

Need help seeing the wood for the trees? We have extensive experience of how disputes happen, and apply this to making sure that where we are brought in early, disputes are avoided.

Interim Valuations and Final Accounts Prepared and Resolved

Sometimes you need to take a step back before you go forward. We have the knowledge to make sure that your applications are going to get you the money you deserve.

Claims for Extensions of Time, Loss and Expense, Damages and Additional Costs

No-one particularly likes or wants claims, but sometimes they are a necessity. We have extensive experience of all manner of presenting, defending and assessing claims on a massive range of contracts over all aspects of the industry and associated fields.

Contract Negotiation and Drafting

Started a job but not quite agreed the contract documents? You will spend far less and gain a far greater reward by engaging our services at the outset of a project, so that the most important document, the Contract, is right.

Defective Work and Professional Negligence Claims

Victim of some shoddy work or practices? We have considerable expertise in presenting and resolving claims for defective works and professional negligence claims for and against a wide range of construction professionals, specialists and contractors.

Project Auditing

If you are spreading your time too thin, and are worried you might be on a job going off the rails, give us a call. Employing an expert who knows disputes to provide a fresh pair of eyes on a job can cut through the daily dramas and ensure that all the paperwork you need is in place, so that if a dispute forms, you are in pole position.

Dispute Avoidance and Resolution

If all else fails, we can help you find the quickest and most cost effective way forward. We have extensive experience of hundreds of adjudications, mediations, arbitrations and litigations.


Thinking of trying mediation? Simon Lee is an accredited mediator, with experience in a number of commercial and construction mediations.


This has proved to be a reasonably rapid route to getting some sort of justice. We have experience of hundreds of many adjudications, and Simon is an Accredited Adjudicator with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. We provide the latest up to date advice and information to ensure that you get the best result from adjudication.


People are looking at arbitration afresh, as it can be more flexible than adjudication and you might even get your costs back if you win. We have considerable experience of advising both Claimants and Respondents in arbitrations across the country.

Litigation Support

Where adjudication and arbitration do not reach, and mediation does not work, litigation may be the only viable option. We can assist with every step of the process, and Simon has represented clients in the Technology and Construction Court, High Court, County Court and Small Claims Court.

In-House Training

We would far rather take £500 off you for presenting an in-house seminar to your staff, than charge you perhaps £10,000 for having to help you win an adjudication or arbitration. We offer training on a wide range of construction topics, all specifically tailored to your precise requirements, and the real, live issues you face every day.

We offer a totally free initial consultation via our Helpline.

We have a vast array of the latest resources at our finger-tips, including the key law reports, a vast choice of standard form contracts, and of course all the leading construction law texts. We also use all the latest key online resources to give our Clients the best up to date advice, and wide range of software packages to enable us to integrate our work with however your business works.

The Case Studies page gives some examples of what we do, how we work, and the results we can get for you.