Construction Claims

Construction projects – both domestic and commercial – often encounter difficulties, delays and arguments over money. Most claims are split between time issues and money issues.

Construction Claims ConsultantsConstruction claims generally revolve around issues of extensions of time, delays, acceleration, disruption, prolongation, acceleration, liquidated damages, and loss and expense type claims, often arising from works running late.

CDR takes a forensic approach to delay claims, identifying the reasons behind the delays, and allying them to the financial outcomes, to create true cause and effect, ie what the root cause of the delay was, and how that cause led to the financial effects being claimed.

Construction claims arise from construction contracts, and breaches of those contracts and each claim is completely unique. The specific issues can be very similar, but the entitlement depends on the form of construction contract. This is because it is the contract that outlines what can and cannot be claimed and it is essential to find the correct provision within the contract upon which to found the claim. Without the correct provision the claim will fail, however well presented it may be.

With more than 20 years’ experience as a leading construction claims consultant, Simon Lee can draft and prepare claims and negotiate and resolve them without the need for expensive and lengthy litigation.

CDR Construction Claims Consultants

As highly experienced construction claims consultants CDR can help advise on claims, without the need to engage quantity surveyors or solicitors.

CDR consultants bridge the gap between surveyors with no specialist legal skills and lawyers with no real understanding of construction and surveying.

CDR has extensive experience in preparing and presenting detailed and comprehensive ‘extension of time’ and ‘loss and expense’ claims under JCT contracts, and Compensation Event claims under NEC contracts.

CDR has extensive claims experience, advising on a vast range and scale of different projects across UK and Europe. These range from large public energy and utility developments to domestic house extensions. Clients include local authorities, NHS trusts, housing developers, international main contractors and subcontractors, specialist material and plant suppliers and installers, and private domestic clients.