Commercial Mediation Services

The biggest problem with litigation is the fees charged by lawyers and solicitors and the delays incurred in the court process. Other alternatives are now available, and are becoming more and more popular, as disputing parties and litigants realise there is a realistic credible alternative to fighting through the court and paying solicitors’ bills month after month just to get to your day in court.

Mediation in commercial and contractual disputes is a fast growing area, and parties are realising that a settlement can be agreed in mediation, which saves months of arguing and thousands of pounds in legal fees.

Commercial mediation services are processes undertaken by mutual agreement of the parties, where the parties agree to meet with or talk to a commercial mediator, who is there not to decide or judge, but to facilitate an agreement. A mediator’s skills are not necessarily those of a lawyer or other professional, but of a listener, a people person, who understands and hears what people are saying, understands their concerns and opinions, and works with them to develop a way forward which for the benefit of the parties.

commercial mediationCDR offers construction mediation in the commercial sector process which is fast and effective, with fixed fees and a flexible approach to procedure so the parties work with the mediator to tailor a structure to the process which is best aimed at resolving the issues between the parties.

Commercial mediators supplied by CDR, can wither be with CDR acting as party representative assisting and advising its client through the mediation process, or with Simon Lee of CDR acting as commercial mediator between the parties, for which the parties can either be represented or appear on their own.

Simon Lee of CDR is a qualified commercial mediator and has a wide range of mediation experience covering commercial disputes, contract disputes, construction disputes, retail disputes, land disputes and manufacturing disputes.

Commercial mediation can work well when the commercial mediator is experienced in the area of the dispute, but it can work equally well when the mediator is coming into the dispute with no previous understanding or bias of the area of the dispute, so the facts and evidence are presented afresh, to a fresh pair of eyes, exactly as the judge in a court hearing would.

Surveys and research show that this form of mediation leaves the parties far happier with the outcome than having spent time and fees in a full litigation ending in a court hearing.